Collectible 99% Silver Coin.

6.22 gram weight, 20mm diameter

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1. What are these numbers on the back side of the coin?

The back side of the coin contains encrypted 15-word Bip49 mnemonic phrase that can be used to generate the private key.
This private key gives access to bitcoin address 3M4b4BPhP5PmWC4AaAknbHP7nrDj1KFFXn with 1 Bitcoin on it.
The first person who will be able to decipher the code will get the 1 BTC stored on this address.
Each coin bears all information required to decipher the mnemonic phrase.


Loosely translated, it means "Slavery. Inequality. Deception." I think this is a beautiful epigraph for modern times.

3. Why silver?

Silver is underestimated now. The world's demand for silver is growing - it is used in electronics, medicine, jewelry.
Silver has antibacterial, anti fungus and antialgae properties. So in a worst-case scenario, silver could be used to disinfect drinking water.
Silver outperforms gold during the economic recession and deflation periods.
In off-grid, EMP or Nuke scenario one coin can be exchanged to:

 Or 5 Pound Bag of Rice,
 Or 2 Cans of processed meat,
 Or 1 Pant,
 Or 3 Packs Hamburger Bread,
 Or 3 Packs of Spaghetti,
 Or 12 Bottles of Purified Drinking Water, 20 Fl. Oz.

4. Is there any protection against falsification?

The cipher numbers on the back side are made of such a small size that they can't be read without a lens.
So there is no easy way to copy the coin. If someone will try to make a mold from the coin - it won't have enough details and numbers will be completely unreadable.
Both front and back side contain trademark "SERVITUS. INIQUITAS. FALSITAS." ®.
This trademark is registered in the USA and China. If someone ever will start producing counterfeit coins,
we can pursue him by international law.

5. How to not get robbed? Is it safe to send/receive these coins by post or courier service?

The front side contains Clown World Pepe, masquerading coins, so they look like a toy.
Nobody, including thieves, customs or post officers, will know that this coin has some real value.
You can send coins through the post, courier services, et cetera, without worrying about getting robbed.

6. Why coins have that strange weight?

6.22 gram multiplied by 5 equals 31.1 gram = 1 troy ounce. So five coins make a troy ounce (a standard weight in the precious metals market).

7. Why buy precious metal coins? Aren't cryptocurrencies a better investment?

While cryptocurrencies are excellent assets, usually they require internet access to make transactions or verify the payment.
This can be an issue in the face of force major, like EMP attack or Nuke explosion, or government blocking crypto currency-related internet traffic.

8. What about price volatility?

The price of a single coin can never go below the 1/5 price of a troy ounce of silver.
While precious metals prices are volatile too, at least they have some real value, unlike any fiat currency.